You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me

We lay still for a while, but when I withdrew, we both laughed. Each of us laughed because we both knew we’d been somewhere together we’d never been before, and wherever it was, it was strangely enough, virgin territory.

This is why our sexual attraction is so fierce and unrelenting.

Making love takes us somewhere we’ve never been before, and we’re not afraid to explore it together hand in hand. We have no questions.

Besides, any fool could see the whole matter of us, of you and I, is no longer yours to decide. You’re my woman,  you don’t even belong to yourself anymore. You belong to me, and Babygirl, I’m never giving you up. We’re in this for life.Our wounded hearts have earned each other’s sanctuary.

©StevenHunley2017 You Belong to me.


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